Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Recently, I became aware of an ancient card system, which has, so far, proven to be startlingly pregnant with meaning.
The reason I bring this up today is that today is the King of Diamonds...which also happens to be the birthcard of Osama bin Laden.
King of Diamonds! Imagine that! It is said that a king cannot be anything other than a king, and that a Jack cannot be anything other than a Jack.

Well, sadly, The United States, born on the 4th of July, is a Jack of Diamonds -- a card notorious for its financial shenanigans. The Eternal Salesman!

The other day, Woody said that he predicted that America would go to war with Iraq on March 10 -- after having reducing it to the week of March 10.

Well, lo and behold...March 10 is Osama's birthday. Another King of Diamonds day.

But diamonds are not the summum bonum or "highest good". They are all about money, diamonds, materiality...just as Hearts are about love, and Clubs about Knowledge. First comes love, then knowledge, then diamonds...but then, with Spade, comes the more spiritual domain.

Osama has not reached that stage yet, and the world is all the worse because of his material fixation. But the same can be said of America, except we are still only Jacks.

Will the solution come from a higher card, a higher source?

The mystery is still unfolding, but I hope a peaceful solution can somehow be found. I guess we'll find out soon enough...


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