Tuesday, February 11, 2003


A post from the Forum today...

Empire of the Evil Axis by TheGreatAnonymoses

How enemies come and go!

A few years ago, Russia was considered to be the very manifestation of evil. Now they are among our best friends.

Flash-forward five, ten, twenty years. Iraq is our strongest ally. Palestine and Israel have worked it out, and are now friends, family even, and are now among the most visited places in the world, and even the poorest can get good money for a mere trinket. Matzoh Balls and Baba Ghanoush flow in the streets.
England has changed its name to Ireland, and the deed has been transferred to India.
Rednecks are taking telecourses at Princeton, and teaching soccer moms how to roll cigarettes.
The "Children's Coup" has been accomplished by toy guns alone...they are that realistic!

What will be our future? And who will be our enemies and our friends?

Is there no way to break the cycle, without putting the military-industrial complex out of bidness? And what of chariot-makers and phrenologists? How to protect their jobs??

History seems to teach us to take these notions of "evil this" and "evil that" with a grain of salt. Any survey of just about any country will show that all are plenty evil already...at least by human standards.

Is playing the evil game...evil itself?
Who can throw stones with a clear conscience? And will not that muddy a clear conscience?

America should protect itself...but when it starts fights I can't help but see a bully. And we know how bullies turn out!

Maybe they think that bullying with make the country bullish...but this, alas, is bullshite. What is against the Tao is also against the Dow.


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