Monday, February 10, 2003

OK, let's say that humor can heal the world. How do we all become commodians? Perhaps this is something you can help me with as we write this prize winning novel posing as an anti-novel, but which is really an anti-anti-anti-novel. Not just the ultimate, but the penultimate! Not just the penultimate, but the antepenultimate! Not just the antepenultimate, but beyond even that!
Is there a word for that? Am I gonna hafta consult Herr Google?

As I ponder this, my ears are filled with some pretty decent music I concocted on my Kurzweil a few years ago, but never labelled the tape. Sort of Vaughan Williamsish, with a touch of Kitaro, although the beginning, which I have decided to call "The New Jeopardy", was very Thomas Newman, only in a bad mood.


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