Monday, February 10, 2003


Now when I say John Cage, I now have to qualify that I mean the one who was arguably the most influential composer of the 20th century...and not the one who was a partner of Cage & Fish law firm on the erstwhile but hilarious Ally McBeal. Leave it to another David, David Kelley, to create a character so named, and indeed a show so constructed. Kudos to Davids! Too bad the Goliath network threw you to the wolves. Such is the madness of our world. A cagey world of indeterminacy and unwieldy silences, Ching throws and changelings, charming and quarking our mustermarks into parks and helms and angel hair. Finns again waking from Framingham good...bladdersplattered across pools of mucous membrane drain shane phane & disabeling Cain from the mustermark. Alight! For the gudmundsdottir is notta hortareccenwith. Norris Athelfrith a firth innis line. Fripperific nine?

Erika, now she's a cagey 'un, witches to say a Cajun. Not that she fares from Arcadia, mind. Nwaalins be herberth.


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