Sunday, February 09, 2003

I've long wanted to create an ecologically wonderful paradise on Earth, and call it Green Witch Village, partly out of cruelty. Mostly out of a total distaste for spending my elder years in a rest home. Why not go ahead and create a community where everyone finds and fulfills their niche, with nurses, gardeners, cooks, artists, carpenters, and the like...all pitching in to create their present and future paradise? Indeed! Is it that we are so locked to the grid, so trusting of the system as it is?

As Gurdjieff, Kuhn, Foucault and others have shown, tis best to at least question whichever metaphors one finds oneself adhering to, and possibly slaving under. Lakoff, the protean linguist from Berkeley, has practically indicted the metaphor itself, it is so central in our lives...even though its master designer may live in Great Falls. He may, alas, create them!


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